Sonos music library not updating

19-Aug-2016 23:24 by 6 Comments

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Once added those are available through all devices (i Phone, i Pad, PC) over My Music in the Apple Music app or i Tunes.In the Sonos app only playlist, which I had at the time of adding the service, are showing up. Did anybody else experience the problem / is this a know issue?

1.) Open i Tunes, as well as your Sonos desktop controller.

2.) On the top left side of your screen, click on i Tunes - Preferences.

Tick the following options: (like shown on the image below) "i Cloud Music Library" (Your Apple Music account) "Add songs to My Music when you add them to your playlist" This should force i Tunes to sync. 4.) Check the Sonos controller and confirm your playlists are now showing up in Apple Music - Playlist. Please remove and re-add your Apple Music account within the Sonos controller.

If you have followed the steps above and your system is failing to show your Apple Music playlist within the Sonos controller, please contact our customer care team by phone and let us do the technical work with your help.

I am new to Sonos and am using Google Play Music from Sonos android controller.

I made changes to some albums on my Play Music account by adding/deleting songs.

Those changes aren't showing up on Sonos controller app.

Hello - I seem unable to auto-import my i Tunes playlists.

I have all of my music on an external hard drive and I have copied my 'i Tunes Music Library' file to the folder I am sharing with Sonos.

The file was originally named 'i Tunes Library', but, even after re-naming the file to 'i Tunes Music Library.xml' and re-indexing (twice), I am still not seeing my playlists show up in the Sonos controller.

Upon adding the folder to my Sonos controller on the PC I have a "Updating Music Library - Please Wait" message.

I listen often to the curated Apple music playlists and add some of them to My Music.