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He passed by again an hour later and I quickly offered him a moisturizer sample, so I had an excuse to talk to him.Awkwardly, I said 'you're hot' and thought he had no interest in me. He came back with a couple of mopeds and we drove off for our first adventure together.

Jaime literally crashed into John in a car accident. You NEVER know when LOVE will surprise you with a new stranger. Not every swing is going to result a hole in one and the temptation to quit may strike you during this loooooooonnnnnggg game, but you just have to play on through. Despite the assholes, ding bats and ding dongs you have have to sift through in your search for companionship and romantic love; I do believe that there are caring, thoughtful and wonderful people still left in the world.

Despite my struggles with dating, relinquishing my singleness and wanting to fall in love again one day, deep inside me still remains a woman who believes in the sappy cliche that love will find you when you least expect it. After many years of solitude, filled with lessons in self love and exploring the world, I feel I am ready to open my heart again.

Not hokey, fantasy world, unrealistic, chick flick love, BUT the nitty gritty love that challenges you and changes you. after years of being on my own and going on a gazillion good dates and bad dates ... I never thought I would say that or want to welcome love back into my life...

I just want to meet a genuinely good man who I want to spend time with. but I genuinely long for companionship, intimacy and fostering a loving relationship. Sadly, I have wasted nearly a decade letting bitterness and doubt take refuge in my heart because of the pain of my past.

A simple sentence that describes my romantic life over the last eight years ... According to Urban Dictionary, an asshole is someone being arrogant, rude, obnoxious, or just a total dickhead. To my surprise, I have been receiving wonderful feedback from my loved ones, as they share their own life experiences.

First of all, let's define what an asshole means and defer to Urban Dictionary, that provides accurate and comical definitions for every day words. Within the last two weeks, I had decided to start broadcasting live videos on social media, expanding my connection to the world, by discussing topics that I often write about on my blog.

Example: Sean is being the biggest fucking asshole I've ever met in my life! Last night, I surveyed my friends and followers on how they met their significant others and have enjoyed discovering their unique love stories. It turned out that when most had declared to give up on love, that is when life took a twist and love found them when they were least expecting it.

Thank you Urban dictionary for confirming what I know is true. As my girlfriend Dawn shared, "John and I met at a party I threw at my apartment. I had given up on the town in which we were living, figuring I would find someone when I moved to a new city, but he sure took me by surprise and he proposed 6 months later. I'm a believer in the sappy cliche that love will find you when you least expect it." Another woman added, "Shortly after my mom was diagnosed with cancer, I was invited to sing back up in a country band by a friend of mine. " Finally, one of my child hood friends commented with her own unique love story, "I got in a car accident, lost a dog, blamed him for having it and he helped me look. The very next day, he asked me out and I told him to go home!

I have dated far too many assholes and I am sure you have too! He's younger and said, 'It's just a movie' and here we are 12 years and 4 kids later!

Which in a Venn Diagram, cocky and asshole would intersect.

" One of my favorite love stories belongs to my girlfriend Tatiana followed her love all the way to Australia after a chance encounter while working at a shop in Waikiki.

Tatiana recalled, "I noticed Alec passed by my store and my eyes almost popped out of my head.

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