Take me home dating site

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Take me home dating site

The day that Directioners have been waiting for is finally here!One Direction's sophomore album Take Me Home is in stores, and fans can finally listen to the album that the fivesome have spent months working on.

"I think because it's a personal one — these three boys wrote it [Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson] — just a really powerful song.I love it." "Last First Kiss" shows off the group's more serious side as they sing about falling in love and wanting to stay in love with that special someone.Fans will instantly gravitate toward this song because of the sincerity of the track, and since it was written by three members of One Direction, it makes this love song even more personal."I think 'Heart Attack,' " Styles said about his favorite track."I really like 'Heart Attack.' I always kind of forget about it, but when I listen to it, I think it's really good." The track, which picks up the pace following "Last First Kiss," was helmed by Swedish producer Shellback and has the boys pining over a love that got away.They sing over a track laced with a big drum beat: "I'm trying to be OK/ I'm trying to be all right/ But seeing you with him/ Just don't feel right." "I'm going to say 'Loved You First,' " Payne said.

"Every time I hear it just makes me want to boogey.

" "Loved You First" is a catchy upbeat pop track from One Direction's special Yearbook Edition, which features four extra tracks, plus performances and backstage footage from the i Tunes Festival.

The number has the boys singing about an old girlfriend who is now with someone else.

"I really like 'Summer Love' because it's kind of different from anything we've done before," Malik said. I think everyone has kind of been through that experience and can relate to that song." One Direction close out the album with this song, and again, the boys contribute to writing to the track, which is an acoustic guitar ballad that has them saying goodbye to a memorable summer fling.

" 'Cause you were mine for the summer/ Now we know its nearly over/ Feels like snow in September/ But I always will remember/ You were my summer love," One Direction sing.

"I'm gonna go 'Back for You' because we did a lot of writing on that," Tomlinson said.

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