Taylor swift dating history timeline

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Taylor swift dating history timeline - utorrent tracker not updating

Joe Jonas was Taylor’s first A-list boyfriend and this couple started dating when they were budding stars.

At their dating heydays, the two lovers were fondly referred to as Taylor squared but this union of two iconic teens was also short-lived.

The two had met on the set during the shooting of Valentine’s Day and had an instant liking for each other.

Rumour has it that this fling ended since Taylor Launter was more into it than Taylor Swift was. Judging from the tone of her music, it is evident that her relationship with her fellow musician John Mayer was one of the most tumultuous she has ever had in her long dating life.

In one of her songs, Dear John, Taylor sings “don’t you think I was too young to be messed with? This line is too telling as she was only 19 years of age when she dated this notoriously broody musician.

This four month long fling with Jake is widely considered as the most serious of all relationships that Taylor Swift has ever had.

Jake reportedly went out of his way to have a chartered private jet fly her on a date out during their fling.

Sadly the movie star ended things between them allegedly over a text and whatever they had became history.According to numerous rumour mills, the songs “The Moment I knew” and “We are Never Getting Back Together” are all about Jake.See Also: Taylor Swift Family And House Everyone remembers the cute fling this couple had back then.Sadly, Conor and Tay were not reading from the same page.Conor, a grandson o Robert Kennedy, was by then only 18 years of age and was scheduled to leave for college at the summer end.There are some reports that Taylor had taken the relationship seriously and had even gone to the extent of getting a house nearby so as to be closer to the golden boy.

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