Template dating

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Template dating - dating after an abusive relationship

For such expressions, it can be important to know how the operators are grouped when the expression is evaluated - that is, the precedence rules.

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The template name can either be a variable or a hard-coded (quoted) string, in either single or double quotes.

This example includes the contents of the template tag should be considered as an implementation of “render this subtemplate and include the HTML”, not as “parse this subtemplate and include its contents as if it were part of the parent”.

This means that there is no shared state between included templates – each include is a completely independent rendering process.

Blocks are evaluated Note that you can backslash-escape a format string if you want to use the “raw” value.

When auto-escaping is in effect, all variable content has HTML escaping applied to it before placing the result into the output (but after any filters have been applied).

This is equivalent to manually applying the Produces one of its arguments each time this tag is encountered.

The first argument is produced on the first encounter, the second argument on the second encounter, and so forth.

Once all arguments are exhausted, the tag cycles to the first argument and produces it again.

This tag is particularly useful in a loop: From then on, you can insert the current value of the cycle wherever you’d like in your template by referencing the cycle name as a context variable.

If you want to move the cycle to the next value independently of the original that initiates the cycle will itself produce the first value in the cycle.

This could be a problem if you want to use the value in a nested loop or an included template.

If you only want to declare the cycle but not produce the first value, you can add a All of the above can be combined to form complex expressions.

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