The art of internet dating no passwords

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The art of internet dating no passwords

· 123456 – Another common password which is easy to guess.

It aims to encourage the safe, secure and confident use of the internet.For more general information about staying safe online, check out the Rough Guide to Online Safety.48 - Blackburn, Lancashire Looking for the love of my life !We're are you surely I'm not that bad Hi 😄 I'm a single guy, kind hearted, caring, loving & looking for my one & only... Telegraph Dating is an online dating service that will help you find women and men like you.If you’re already a member of, you’ll know that online dating is a fantastic way of helping you connect with other singles to build relationships at a pace that’s right for you.To ensure you have a safe online experience, we suggest visiting Get Safe Online to share the latest guidance on choosing and storing passwords for all your important online accounts.

· Don’t write your passwords down on a piece of paper near your computer · Don’t keep your passwords in your wallet or purse · Don’t keep your passwords stored on your computer · Avoid, if you can, having your computer “remember” passwords, especially if the computer is used by different people We also recommend that you don’t duplicate your passwords across other sites and that our members change their passwords regularly, but it can be difficult to know what makes a good one.

Get Safe Online has also given us some pointers on how to avoid the obvious ones by providing examples of some passwords that are commonly used and easy to guess.

· P2ssword/access – commonly used because they are memorable, but they’re also obvious.

· Your birthday/anniversary/pet’s name – anything directly associated with you does not make a good password.

· Beckham7 – Don’t write passwords associated with things you like.

If you’re die hard football fan for example, this kind of password can be easy for others to figure out.

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