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Azure Io T Hub is a fully managed service that helps enable reliable and secure bi-directional communications between millions of Io T devices and an application back end.

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The following is a description of the endpoints: The Io T Hub APIs and SDKs article describes the various ways to access these endpoints.Finally, it is important to note that all Io T Hub endpoints use the TLS protocol, and no endpoint is ever exposed on unencrypted/unsecured channels. NET or the Event Hubs - Event Processor Host, you can use any Io T Hub connection strings with the correct permissions. When you use SDKs (or product integrations) that are unaware of Io T Hub, you must retrieve an Event Hubs-compatible endpoint and Event Hub name from the Io T Hub settings in the Azure portal: If the SDK requires a Hostname or Namespace value, remove the scheme from the Event Hub-compatible endpoint.For example, if your Event Hub-compatible endpoint is sb://, the Hostname would be, and the Namespace would be iothub-ns-myiothub-1234.You can then use any shared access security policy that has the Service Connect permissions to connect to the specified Event Hub.If you need to build an Event Hub connection string by using the previous information, use the following pattern: Each Io T hub has a device identity registry.You can use this registry to create per-device resources in the service, such as a queue that contains in-flight cloud-to-device messages.

You can also use the registry to allow access to the device-facing endpoints, as explained in the Access Control section.

At a high level, the device identity registry is a REST-capable collection of device identity resources.

The following sections detail the device identity resource properties, and the operations the registry enables on the identities.

A field indicating connection status: either Connected or Disconnected.

This field represents the Io T Hub view of the device connection status.

Important: This field should be used only for development/debugging purposes.

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