The infrared wireless port when updating a

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Infrared (IR) is an invisible radiant energy, electromagnetic radiation with longer wavelengths than those of visible light, extending from the nominal red edge of the visible spectrum at 700 nanometers (frequency 430 THz) to 1000000 nm (300 GHz)).

Slightly more than half of the total energy from the Sun was eventually found to arrive on Earth in the form of infrared.

The balance between absorbed and emitted infrared radiation has a critical effect on Earth's climate.

Infrared energy is emitted or absorbed by molecules when they change their rotational-vibrational movements.

Infrared energy excites vibrational modes in a molecule through a change in the dipole moment, making it a useful frequency range for study of these energy states for molecules of the proper symmetry.

Current country type approval allows the U1177A to be shipped only to the following countries: Algeria, Australia, Benin, Burkino Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, China, Colombia, Croatia, Democratic Republic of Congo, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, European Union, Gabon, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ivory Coast, India, Israel, Kazakhstan, Korea, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Mali, Mexico, New Zealand, Niger, Norway, Panama, Russia, Rwanda, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Togo, Turkey, United States.

U1177A is the key enabling piece in the wireless remote connectivity for Keysight handheld digital multimeters and U1210 Series clamp meters.

Simply attach U1177A to the Infrared (IR) port of a Keysight handheld digital multimeter* to establish wireless connection with an Android device (whether a smartphone or tablet).Keysight Mobile Meter is a free Android-base application that allows an Android device to connect, control and measure with as many as three handheld digital multimeters.User can easily extend their reach and be in more than one place at the same time.Keysight Mobile Logger is another free Android-base application that allows an Android device to log measurements and plot trending graphs from as many as three handheld digital multimeters.These data and graphs are useful for further analysis to identify intermittent behavior and detect drifts.Download Keysight Mobile Meter and Keysight Mobile Logger applications.

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