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There are two notable exceptions: GPUs that need external radiators, such as the Radeon R9 Fury X, and the ultra-high-end triple-wide cards, such as MSI's Lightning cards.Thanks to the toolless build, the case allows both blower and open air video card coolers.

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The general dimensions of Razer's Core are 4.13 in x 13.9 in x 8.66 in, and the unit packs a power source of 500W.According to the manufacturer, video cards that require 375W should function flawlessly inside.With a weight of 10.89 pounds, the Core is sort of portable, but a strong handle would have helped drive this point home.It is more likely that Razer imagined the docking station as a static gaming companion.We no longer provide links to root instructions for specific devices.Our always up-to-date guide became too unwieldy to keep up, so instead we now provide a beginner's resource for Android rooting.

Once you've read through that, head over to the XDA Developers forums, which should have some useful tools and guides for rooting your phone.

Razer told the media all the important details about its upcoming Core Case.

The e GFX chassis, which uses Thunderbolt 3 technology, features support for a number of select video cards and at least two gaming ultrabooks.

( Razer revealed the full details about its upcoming Core Thunderbolt 3 Graphics Enclosure, concerning compatibility, availability and functionality.

The Razer Core earned the title of full size e GFX chassis.

The unit is spacious enough to incorporate a double-wide video card (with a maximum size of 12.2 inches), meaning that most GPUs on the market can fit right in.