Top chef hosea and leah dating

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Top chef hosea and leah dating

Also, no word on whether the unmarried Carroll is single or not, but her junior prom date is still available.

The worst filleters get booted each round with the best knife wielder winning at the end. In fact, Carla even tells Chef Ripert as he tries to contain his chuckling over the state of Carla’s poor, wee fishies: “You don’t have to say, we all know what it is.” Gosh, I love Carla.

Hosea proclaims himself the “last American male” chef, which makes me feel less good about being an American and more good about being not male. The half dozen head to the kitchen where they are greeted by Padma and world-famous French chef Eric Ripert who runs the world-famous seafood restaurant Le Bernardin. The Quickfire Challenge is a three-round fish filleting competition. There’s a reason those suckers come packed together tightly in cans. Some folks do well (Leah, Fabio), some people do really not well (Carla, Jamie).

The next round (minus Jamie and Carla, obviously) is Arctic char. No, really, she stops mid-fillet and just stands there. Leah and Fabio get the boot so it’s a bald-headed battle royale in the final round. Still flopping around in the bowl even though it’s dead fresh. Stefan wins, thanks to his years of experience filleting eel, and Hosea continues his ugly American routine: “(Stefan)’s been doing eel since he was 3 years old.

Hosea and Stefan even blow kisses at each other before they start. Um, it might take me a little while to order unagi at the sushi bar again. Just another reason Europe is great.”Afterward, Chef Ripert invites all the chefs and judges to his restaurant for lunch. The chitchat is pleasant and everyone makes yummy yummy noises.

Who says Jamie is the last member of Team Rainbow left? Being from Colorado, Hosea doesn’t know eel from Adam so it ain’t pretty as he starts to peel its skin. I hope the contestants remember that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. We learn that Carla wanted to be a theater major while growing up and I grow to love her even more.

Once at Le Bernardin, they are served six different seafood courses. Though not everyone is as enthusiastic with their yummy noises. If Tom Colicchio hears you talking like that he will fillet you with nothing but his eyes.

At the end of the meal in lieu of dessert comes the familiar knife block.Each knife corresponds with one of the lunch courses and the chefs draw to see which fish dish they will recreate for the Elimination Challenge.As winner of the Quickfire, Stefan gets to pick his course and chooses lobster, one of the simplest items of the day.Their dishes break down as: Man, how much do I wish Carla had pulled “blowfish” so I could make the obligatory Hootie Hoo and the Blowfish joke here?As luck and karma would have it, Jamie gets stuck with her least-favorite dish from the day: the black bass in braised celery sauce. Our little chefbian struggled mightily to recreate the dish and accidentally let her sauce over-reduce.The chefs get two hours in the kitchen to work on their dishes. Fabio’s red snapper is “a very good forgery.” Leah’s mahi-mahi is overcooked for some, undercooked for others. Carla’s escolar is “very good” and Hosea’s monkfish is universally underwhelming. So now, in her own words, “The celery is awful.” Gulp. He receives some fabulous prizes/opportunities and I yawn. The bottom three are next and each gets filleted in his/her own right for mistakes. Jamie graciously thanks the judges for the amazing opportunity.

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