Truck driver dating sitesi

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Truck driver dating sitesi

* 20% no longer travel with a laptop.* Nearly 20% use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter on their phones to keep up with family, friends and colleagues.

Clearly, mobile phones and tablet computers have already become a crucial part of life on the road for truckers.

In fact, cell phones are so important to truckers that when asked what they'd be willing to give up to keep their phones, 20% said they would give up their CB radios, 16% said they'd give up their spouses and 8% said they'd give up their pets. The use of handheld devices is exploding in the trucking industry, as is a proliferation of industry-specific mobile apps that help improve safety and compliance, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Many apps also help improve drivers' quality of life by giving them anytime, anywhere access to information, professional tools and streaming video and audio.

And with a driver shortage on the horizon, these apps-particularly those that connect drivers with their family and friends-can go a long way to making the profession more attractive.

Here are some top mobile apps for truckers: Co-Pilot Live Truck This first-of-its kind app uses voice-guided GPS-navigation to give drivers customized, safe and reliable truck-legal routes calculated based on vehicle size, weight and load type.

Maps are downloaded and stored on the phone, providing drivers instant access-even when offline.

Drivers can avoid low-clearance and weight-restricted roads, create custom route profiles for easy switching between vehicles, view and plan efficient routing options, and help avoid out-of-route miles.

Fat Secret Calorie Counter Eating right is a challenge behind the wheel: Time is tight, hours are long and access to restaurants is limited by parking constraints or highway exits.

With this app, drivers can look up nutrition information for foods found at most restaurants, scan barcodes for instant nutrition information on packaged foods, and track total daily calories, fat and carbs.

Fleet Safer Mobile While reading or writing a text, a driver looks away from the road for an average of 4.6 seconds.

During that time, at 55 miles per hour, his or her vehicle will travel the length of an entire football field.

Fleet Safer eliminates the temptation to text, email or browse the web while driving.

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