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We must all join together in making our communities, cities, and countries a better place for all.

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Through live presentations students are encouraged to develop strong, responsible character as they deal with sexual pressure.

Students learn the wisdom of committing to be sexually abstinent until marriage.

Parents are inspired to raise responsible children who know that their choices have consequences.

Teachers receive creative ideas on how to implement the abstinence message into their classrooms.” [3] 2625 Cumberland Parkway Suite 200 Atlanta, GA 30339 770/803-3100 (phone) 800/774-BEST (800/774-2378) (toll free) 770/803-3110 (fax) [email protected](email), a leader in abstinence sex education curricula, training and resources since 1993.

oday, a variety of organizations produce abstinence-only-until-marriage curricula and materials as well as provide teacher trainings and speakers.

These organizations range from large nonprofit organizations to smaller, for-profit producers of curricula, and fee-for-services speakers.

This fact sheet contains a list of diverse national organizations that support an abstinence-only-until-marriage approach.

It is designed to provide a brief overview of each organization as well as information on the relevant resources they provide.

This list is not exhaustive, and there are many more state and local organizations with similar missions.

For more information on these organizations and an extensive list of additional organizations that produce abstinence-only-until-marriage material, please visit the policy section of SIECUS’ website at

“[We believe] that young people must develop morally, ethically, educationally, physically, and mentally to fulfill their dreams and goals in life.

The underlying theme throughout is to accept each person for who they are, in an unconditional atmosphere of love and respect.