Updating 50s ranch bathroom

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When house-hunting in 2007, color-loving creative professionals Justine Rubin and Robin Finch found almost exactly what they were looking for: a 2,200-square-foot mid-century-modern ranch in the Toco Hills neighborhood of Atlanta, Ga.

Justine, a designer, artist and stylist, longed for an open area with natural light where she could experiment with materials, textures and her favorite element, color.

"We love color, our kids love color, our jobs have a lot to do with using color, we love playing with color, our kids love playing with color, and we love playing with our kids," Justine says.

"I pretty much dreamed of our house becoming one big, colorful, happy play-space." When Justine and Robin first bought their 1954 mid-century modern home, they liked its open galley kitchen layout, yet wanted to replace the cabinets, countertops and appliances.

They also replaced the kitchen's lackluster beige color scheme with bold, high-energy pops of color.

In its original condition, the dining room led to a screened-in porch that was unsafe due to its proximity to the driveway.

They planned to increase their outdoor living space by turning the screened-in porch into a finished room where sons Felix and Reyn could play, and Justine and Robin, both creative professionals, could tackle their own artistic projects.

The galley-style kitchen was transformed with modern design that opens up onto their dining space.Since the couple does a lot of cooking, they opted for butcher block countertops that offer ample space for food preparation.The back wall was painted charcoal to give the colorful accent elements a backdrop to stand out.To showcase the mid-century modern architecture, Justine and Robin opted to leave their angled windows in the kitchen bare.By keeping the windows free of blinds or draperies, the asymmetrical lines and interesting shapes stayed in view.From the beginning of the home's remodel, the family made it a point to add touches of fun and kid-friendliness to each space.