Updating a kitchen on a budget

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Updating a kitchen on a budget - Girls in louisville kentucky

They chose to paint rather than replace their existing cabinets, but added a marble countertop and a subway tile backsplash, plus two new stainless steel appliances.They found that it really pays to shop for materials and labor.

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Quotes to paint their cabinets ranged from ,500 to ,000.Tile, both for flooring and backsplashes, can run to per square foot.You may find the cabinet hardware you liked most in the store for half the price online.Danielle Colding, who runs Danielle Colding Design in Brooklyn, New York, recently redid her kitchen with sleek, ultramodern gray lacquer cabinets from Ikea. "You can do a normal kitchen for ,000 to ,000." Grove and her husband chose to act as their own contractors, hiring separate painters, marble fabricators and tile installers.But kitchen remodeling doesn't have to be that expensive."If you take it piece by piece, you can do something good on a budget," says Aimee Grove, a communications and marketing specialist in the San Francisco area.

She and her husband have remodeled two kitchens on a budget. "I wouldn’t change a thing." The choice of materials makes a big difference in how much you'll spend.Custom-made, solid-wood cabinets with a premium finish and decorative molding can easily cost ,200 or more per linear foot, which is the way cabinets are normally priced.But you can get attractive cabinets at Ikea or even a local shop for a quarter of that cost if you shop around.And while granite countertops definitely cost more than laminate, if you visit enough stores, you’ll learn that granite itself varies widely in price."We went to 10 different marble places until we found the slab we wanted at the right price," Grove says.She and her husband remodeled the kitchen of their cottage-style home for about ,000 after getting a quote from a contractor for ,000.

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