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The Lobby staff is first rate at this hotel, however thing go down hill when you check into your rooms.Rooms are not well maintained, items such as TV, Air-conditioning units, irons, ironing boards, coffee makers all vintage 90's if you are lucky.

But kicker is the guess room units not they cleaned well, public hair everywhere, shower doors do not close, crumbs in the room when you check in and lastly my last stay was for 3 nights after first night room was not cleaned.My husband called Hyatt reservations to book us a room the night prior to flying to Las Vegas however the reservation desk told him that we could only park and fly at the Hyatt House Airport at 4920 South Tyron St Charlotte, NC and not our usual hotel Hyatt Place.Our reservation was booked for one night stay at Hyatt House. Room was huge with kitchen, living room, separate bedroom, 2 tvs.Front desk instructed my husband to park his truck to the side of hotel still visible to the front desk.We ordered and ate nachos in our room which were good.The shuttle bus took us to the airport quickly the next morning.

After the shuttle had left my husband discovered he had left an item in the hotel room so he called the hotel and the driver of the shuttle returned to the airport with more passengers as well as the item my husband had left in the room.

The hotel was great until we arrived back from our trip.

Once the hotel shuttle brought us back to the parking lot and we went to our Silverado truck my husband notice that someone had broken into our vehicle while it was parked. The only thing we noticed that was stolen out of the vehicle was a black Belk garment bag with our dirty clothes in it.

The thieves were either stupid or in such a rush of being caught that they neglected to take a gps hidden inside the glove compartment, golf shoes, tools, etc. Even though a nice hotel we will never stay here again due to the location of the hotel where shady criminals lurk about. I have no idea what type of accommodations the other reviewers are used to but this place is awful.

My husband went back inside the hotel to report the incident and all the front desk could say was they were not responsible for items left in parked cars. I am currently in my second room because clearly housekeeping does not clean in between guests.

The second was better but still did not get a detailed cleaning. This place is more of an extended stay so you really have no idea what is going on here. Featuring a visitor-friendly city center known as Uptown and numerous corporate headquarters, North Carolina's largest city is quickly becoming a top destination for both business and leisure travelers.