Updating cell phone reception

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A quarter of consumers consider improving cell phone coverage and quality to be the most important issue with cell phone use, according to the 2013 Annual Consumer survey conducted by My

Cell phone signals are blocked by physical obstacles, which include the walls of your house or building, other nearby buildings, hills and mountains.One way to improve your reception is to move somewhere with fewer obstacles between you and the cell tower.Even if you don't know the direction to the nearest Verizon cell tower, three simple actions can improve your Verizon signal when you're on a phone call.The more you move around while you talk on the phone, the harder the phone has to work and the spottier your reception may be. If your reception doesn't improve, move on to the next step.Move to a higher floor in your house or building if one's available; even standing up can help.The higher you are, the less likely an obstacle is between you and the cell phone tower.

Glass windows permit better signal strength than walls permit; neither can interfere with your signal when you're outside.

Move next to a window while you talk or go to an open space outside your home or building.

If you often experience poor reception in a location you visit frequently, scout out the area for the best reception before you're on an important call. Call (909) 390-0003 on your cell phone to perform the test.

This number is a publicly available PSTN test number designed to test phone call quality.

When you connect, you won't hear a ring or any sound; just wait a few seconds, talk, and your voice is echoed back to you.

Walk to different locations in your home or building and talk in each location or as you walk.