Updating garmin nuvi 255

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Updating garmin nuvi 255

Is there a way to update the GPS' (Garmin nüvi 255) maps with Ubuntu?

The Nuvi 255W is part of Garmin's affordable line of GPS devices.

Despite its relatively lower price compared to the company's high-end models, the 255W still manages to include important features such as voice navigation, picture viewing and a built-in battery for portable use.

In addition, Garmin continually updates the device's operating software in order to refine your user experience.

However, if you wish to take advantage of these device upgrades, you must download and install the software updates through Garmin's Web Updater program. Hook your Nuvi 255W to your computer using the Nuvi's USB cable. Choose your Nuvi 255W from the device list on Web Updater. Select "Yes" when prompted to download and install the updates to your Nuvi 255W.

I've noticed that while my Nuvi is logging a trace the car icon on the screen tries to lock onto existing roads but the trace data itself is real.

The logged points are also close enough together for good accurate mapping.

Occasionally I do a three point turn on a road or track or nip a short way down an unmapped side road or track and these little manoeuvres appear perfectly on the traces when opened and viewed on Google Earth or uploaded to OSM.

OSM Maps can be used on the Nüvi 255, by putting them on the device or on a mirco SD-card.

Expert GPS is GPS map software for your Windows computer, tablet, or laptop.

Expert GPS makes it easy to transfer waypoints, routes, and tracks, as well as GPS, GIS, and CAD data, to and from your Garmin nüvi 255.

Expert GPS gives you access to every topo map in the USA, as well as high-resolution aerial photos, so you can zoom in on any trail or job site.

Expert GPS even works with your own scanned maps, and data from over 100 different mapping, GIS, and CAD programs.

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