Updating my java

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Updating my java - how successful are internet dating sites

Computers come equipped with many pieces of software and programming platforms that most of us don't know we have and don't know what they're for.

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Java was first introduced by Sun Microsystems in 1995 as a self-contained platform to create and run thousands of computer applications.

"Java creates an environment for code to run regardless of the operating system, so software developers that write code in the Java programming language can run their programs on pretty much any operating system, including Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, Linux and UNIX variants," explained Marcus Carey, security researcher at Boston's Rapid7.

"Normally you'd have to write an application per operating system." Java has a long history of security vulnerabilities, which are now coming to the public's attention because of the widespread infection of Macs in late March by the Flashback, also called Flashfake, malware family.

Java was bundled into Apple's Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard by default, and kept on if a Mac user upgraded his machine from Snow Leopard to Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

When I right click on the project and then click maven update my java version change to 1.5.

Here is what I did so far, I followed all the steps listed here @asdlfkjlkj your eclipse is using embeded maven or a external maven installation ?

Another question your eclipse is pointing to a JRE or to a JDK ?

This is two question regarding eclipse + maven that make all difference.

I encounter similar issue on one of my team mate machine.

He was using old version of Eclipse, I believe it he was using Keppler.

Project after being updated change JRE version to 1.5.

Simple updating Eclipse to latest version solve this problem.

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