Updating sharp firmware

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Sharp firmware updates include new features as well as enhancements that improve product performance. Using the left / right arrow buttons on your remote, select INFORMATION and press ENTER on your remote. Using the down arrow button on your remote, select SOFTWARE UPDATE and press ENTER. Using the down arrow button on your remote, select AUTO UPDATE SETTING and press ENTER. Using the up / down arrow buttons on the remote, select YES and press ENTER. By enabling the AUTO UPDATE feature, the TV will automatically search for the latest firmware update when the TV is powered on.Use the following steps to activate the AUTOMATIC UPDATE feature on your TV to make the process more convenient: 1. Confirm that the Auto Update Setting is set to YES on the highlighted display. If a newer version is found, it will ask if you would like to download and install the update.

A key part of that is transparency and full disclosure of issues that may affect how well the solution works for you.Unfortunately, with complex modern technology (often supplied by different organizations) there is no way to address all problems and issues immediately but keep checking back to see if we have fixed something.If something is causing you particular concern please contact support.When a device is connected to a Site Server and the Primary Server goes offline, the device is unable to start an Integrated Scan job.Existing Integrated Scan jobs continue to process as per normal.Bringing the Primary Server back online enables Integrated Scan jobs to start.

is installed a number of Sharp devices do not allow “speaker” dialling for faxes.

This is where the device picks up the phone line while you enter the fax number.

In this case the “Start” button will not be enabled so the fax cannot be sent.

This is confirmed to be an issue with the Sharp firmware, and has been escalated to Sharp Japan.

At this time we do not have a time-frame for resolution.

Workarounds to this problem are: Some customers have reported they are unable to use card readers with Sharp devices on firmware version 13.4.24032.