Updating xbox 360 dashboard

19-Dec-2014 23:35 by 3 Comments

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Must be time for another Xbox 360 Dashboard update.Every year Microsoft Drops the console a little bit of code to match the descending leaves, delivering new features, interface tweaks and additional content to hide behind the Xbox Live Gold paywall.

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Join us after the break to see the machine's latest update, and what it means for you.Last year, Microsoft kitted out the Xbox 360 with its then-budding (and recently renamed) Metro interface – flattening out the Dashboard's cross-bar style navigation into a series of panel-laden channels that offered their primary functions on single page layouts.It looked good, it presented more information to the user at a glance and it was more efficient than its predecessor.So, what does the Dashboard's 2012 Fall update bring to the table?Even The various sections that make up the Xbox experience now feature between nine and twelve tiles per category,each serving up a mish-mash of system functions, product advertisements and recommended content.Of the nine panels on the Dash's new home screen, for example, a specific piece of the Xbox Dashboard, resulting in a more cluttered desktop – it shed its pseudo live tile.

The live-updating panels that Windows 8 and Redmond's mobile platform utilize were never truly present on the Xbox 360, but last year's update offered a passable facsimile in the form of a rotating "featured" tile that cycled through select content.

There was one on almost every channel, each offering up to five rotating spots for advertisements or recommendations – the new Dashboard instead deals this content out individually, granting each item its own dedicated panel.

At first, this almost seems like a better use of space – serving users all available items simultaneously, rather than making them wait (or trigger) a carousel to digest more information – but since the majority of the information available is advertisement, it comes off as a bit of a marketing mess.

Admittedly, these are harsh words, but our true frustration is rooted in the lost potential of these extra tiles.

It all stems from the updated Dashboard's poor implementation of "pinning." On Windows Phone and Windows 8, pinning snags favorite apps, content or shortcuts and "pins" them to the home screen, letting users kit out their device's landing page with their most used items – across both platforms this is a fairly uniform action, and adds a lot of personality to the user's work environment.

Pinning on the Xbox doesn't work like that – yes, items can be "pinned," which adds them to a special "My Pins" sub menu, but pinned items don't take up residence in a feature that would have allowed users to make use of all those extra tiles, customizing unique home screens that was representative of not only their own use, but of Microsoft's entire design aesthetic.

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