Validating fields

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Treats the initial characters “$ ¤ ¥ £ +” as valid input, but removes them from the number. The area code and exchange must begin with a digit in the range 1 - 9. Valid address characters are a-z A-Z0-9_- and the period and separator.

Can include, as appropriate, user name and password designators and query strings.The main part of the address can only have the characters A-Za-z0-9 and -.The following procedure creates a simple form for entering a start date and a salary.It uses hidden fields to ensure that you enter data and that the data is in the right format.Cold Fusion lets you specify form field validation on the server by using hidden form fields whose names consist of the name of the field to validate and the validation type.Hidden field validation uses the same underlying techniques and algorithms as on Server validation of Cold Fusion form fields.

Hidden field validation has the following features: Use the following suffixes at the end of hidden form field names to specify the validation type.The type identifier always starts with an underscore.Several validation rules have two names you can use.The names that do not start with “_cf” were used in earlier releases and are retained for backward compatibility.For consistency and clarity, Adobe recommends using the names that start with “_cf” in new forms. Allows area codes with or without parentheses, and hyphens (-), spaces, periods, or no separators between standard number groups.Any value (including an integer) that can be represented as a floating point number with up to 12 significant digits. Can be preceded by a 1 long-distance designator, and can end with an up-to-5 digit extension, optionally starting with x.