Vista feed gadget not updating

31-May-2016 20:19 by 4 Comments

Vista feed gadget not updating

I will start posting websites here letting everyone know who is going to screw it up for the rest of us!

Microsoft wants to push live tiles as their replacement and therefore they claim Gadgets as insecure, just like they push Store apps over Desktop apps.

If you cannot imagine the Desktop without your favorite gadgets, here is how to get them back again in Windows 10.

When Gadget comes in the talk then i want to clear that if you are lover of Windows gadgets then you have to enable it on your Windows 8 sidebar.

You should know how to add Sidebar in Windows 8 and Which are the best Gadgets you can use in Win 8.

Description: This gadget provides the most accurate weather forecasts for local settings. An interactive radar, weather alerts and satellite maps are the features that you should not miss.

This is maintained by the weather enthusiast in the community, who reports data from their own backyard weather stations.

This is an ideal gadget during heavy weather occurrences.The localized reports fill in the gaps of other apps.We understand that weather stations at the airport and general weather report services are not enough.Other features to look forward to are: status notification, 10-day forecast with a summary, current local weather conditions, historical data, sunrise and sunset forecasts, modes of appearance and a lot more.I am starting to notice a number of sites that are not only removing the hyperlink from the banners, but also removing the credits from my data, tables, presentations, and pages.I do not mind the use of any of this information on your sites, but you must leave the credit to all people (me and the others) intact.