Warcraft validating version

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I am in desperate need to walljump like I once did in TBC, but unfortunately that form of walljumping bug only appeared after 1.12.1 (possibly 2.0.1? That means that all vanilla and TBC private servers don't have walljumping in them.

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After many many hours learning and figuring crap out, I ended up with mangos-one working with 2.4.3 as the latest version of mangos only works with 2.4.3. I've found references to the Wo W build number in the mangos code and I've changed that to other versions to try and connect with an older client version, but when I try to connect I either disconnect straight away or sit at "Validating game version", so I guess there's no version flexibility at all. Maybe someone out there has a repack of a 2.0.1 - 2.3.3 server?IIRC correctly logged incorrect parameters in the authentication request. I've managed to find 2.4.2 ascent server, which worked and I was able to connect to it, however it seems that walljumping was fixed in 2.4 completely.I gave up trying to connect using different client version and eventually found an old svn of the mangos-one repository at p/mangos/code - Revision 6767: /trunk, and found revision 5651 commit notes say "Update to version 2.4.1", so I got the code from that revision. So I must go further back and get an older version.Build was successful, but I am stuck at the sql scripts part. By some miracle of the internet gods a filedump link still existed to this day!There's over 600 in the upgrades folder and there's no method of combining them. It was a 2.3 ascent server, but unfortunately had no db or mysql stuff.I can't just lump them in one file since I also need to run each of them under the correct table. I was able to run the 2.4.2 mysql and database with the 2.3 login and server.

Ascent 2.3 found here: [Ascent] Server Files (Last Update: 12/16/07) - Ra GEZONE - MMO development community Which was linked from here: to make a ascent 2.3.0 server (Made By Golanka)) Unfortunately I can't get my hands on any TBC install disks which I need, because the only TBC available I can find is a preinstalled 2.4.3.

I've installed using vanilla disks and patched to 2.3.3, but it does not have TBC intalled, and logging in faills.

I found a hackish workaround by simply copying into the data folder... IT also crashes when trying to get to black temple, so I need to get TBC iso's somewhere for a proper installation of 2.3.

Server is very dodge though and there are no items or anything, so all you can do is walljump.

I haven't tried to walljump anywhere but IF and stormwind so far, but I will post back here if anyone is interested.

I've managed to find 2.4.2 ascent server, which worked and I was able to connect to it, however it seems that walljumping was fixed in 2.4 completely.

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