Wcf refresh file reference not updating

10-Mar-2016 18:11 by 8 Comments

Wcf refresh file reference not updating - Porno sex chat room voice

What happened is that the service was generated fine, but the types (from the data contracts) did not.

Here is what my service reference looked like when it was working correctly: Here is what it looks like now: Thinking that I must have accidentally broken something in the service in the last 5 months, I went back to my source control and checked out the old version of the service project on the day that I last successfully updated the service reference in my client.I rebuilt the service project and then updated my service reference, but it did not fix it. If I go back and check out the old version of the service reference itself in the client project, then I get the types back.However, this does not help me because I need to add new service contracts and have it generate a new updated working service contract.I searched for others having the same problem, and I found a post from someone saying that they fixed it by unchecking "Reuse types in referenced assemblies" in the service configuration.I tried this and its a good solution for internal clients. Usually consumers of the service are outside of the network. Now you have to give them access to you network to access the that is added as reference?

The issue is that I have updated the DAL as my database has changed, and I see all the new fields in the code, however when I do a 'view source' on Geo Locations I see the following file: ...which doesn't contain any of the new fields, and is locked in the IDE. A couple of things: When updating the service reference, depending on how large the service is that is being consumed, all the property definitions may not be updated right away.I have tried cleaning the project, deleting all the DLL's, etc., but I still see the old class. Also, after the service reference has been updated, I recommend building the project and then continuing. Anytime that I added new service contracts or data contracts, I could simply right click on the service reference in my client project and choose Update Service Reference, and it would update fine.Before today, the last time that I had updated the service reference was 5 months ago, and at that time it updated fine.Today, I added a couple new service contracts to the service project and updated the service reference in the client project.

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