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With just a tad bit of structure, bloggers can discuss events in their blog(s) in such a way that spiders and other aggregators can retrieve such events, automatically convert them to i Calendar, and use them in any i Calendar application or service.

In addition, h Calendar enables applications to retrieve information about such events directly from web pages without having to reference a separate file.

The key words "" in this document are to be interpreted as described in RFC 2119.

Note: the Semantic XHTML Design Principles were written primarily within the context of developing h Card and h Calendar, thus it may be easier to understand these principles in the context of the h Card design methodology (i.e. Tantek XHTML is built on XML, and thus XHTML based formats can be used not only for convenient display presentation, but also for general purpose data exchange.

In many ways, XHTML based formats exemplify the best of both HTML and XML worlds.

is a simple, open format for publishing events on the web, using a 1:1 representation of i Calendar (RFC2445) VEVENT properties and values in HTML. Want to get started with writing an h Calendar event?

h Calendar is one of several open microformat standards suitable for embedding data in HTML/HTML5, and Atom/RSS/XHTML or other XML. Use the h Calendar creator to write up an event and publish it, or follow the h Calendar authoring tips to add h Calendar markup to your page of upcoming events or events you mention in blog posts, wikis, etc. Public discussion on h Calendar takes place on hcalendar-feedback, the #microformats irc channel on irc.freenode.net, and microformats-discuss mailing list.

The English version of this specification is the only normative version.

For translations of this document see the #translations section.

Known errors and issues in this specification are corrected in resolved and closed issues. Note in particular the dtend-issue which affects end dates.

Implementations implement the issue resolution ASAP and test it.

The h Calendar 1.0.1 update is currently under development and incorporates known errata corrections as well as the value-class-pattern.

The i Calendar standard (RFC2445), has been broadly interoperably implemented (e.g. In addition, bloggers often discuss events on their blogs -- upcoming events, writeups of past events, etc.

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