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The recent shooting moratorium over a suspect HIV test undoubtedly has Michael Weinstein chortling.

His vision of a new age of anti-porn vigilance with himself as California’s morality czar must seem at hand.

But Weinstein’s crusade is not a surprise, it’s just the latest round of American prudery that insists one standard of conformity fits all.

Weinstein’s fervor recalls a similar high-minded moralist of the Victorian Age who likely serves as his model.

In 1873, Anthony Comstock became the US Postal Inspector by an act of Congress, beginning a tenure that lasted until 1915.

Comstock took it upon himself to label birth control and abortion as obscene while pornography, also defined by Comstock, was rooted out unendingly.

A New Englander of evangelical protestant stock, Comstock had two methods of operation.

First, his mission—the suppression of vice—was self-defined and individually carried out. Comstock took private satisfaction in book burnings (especially marriage manuals), arrests he encouraged, and even a handful of suicides of people he hounded.

Second, Comstock personally lobbied Congress to pass his bill halting the flow of obscene materials through American society.

The platform of delivery in those days was the mailbox.

As postal inspector, Comstock became a mini-dictator in a country governed by a constitution.

And, of course, his job was funded by the taxpayers. Look closely at the newest effort by the AIDS Health Foundation.

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