What to do when your boyfriend goes on dating websites

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What to do when your boyfriend goes on dating websites - any online dating

We joke about the site all the time and tease each other whenever one of us happens to see that the other has gotten a new message, but there’s this tiny part of me that’s worried that he’ll actually act on it.I know this is a really stupid and petty thing to be worried about but somehow I can’t let it stop bothering me.

It’s a legitimate worry and one that should be nipped in the bud right away.I’m not sure how serious you two are or how often you’re seeing one another, but if you’re calling the guy your “boyfriend” and you say you’ve “been together” for five months, I’m confused as to why either of you is still on a dating site at all, let alone checking it frequently. Are you into this guy enough to delete your profile and quit keeping an eye out for something better?If both of you are truly into this relationship and each other, you really shouldn’t be doing any active “window shopping,” as you call it. Because if you aren’t, you can’t very well question why your boyfriend isn’t ready to do the same.If you aren’t willing/ready to delete your profile, you’ve got to accept that he’s in the same boat, and perhaps now that it’s been five months, you need to evaluate whether you really do see this relationship moving anywhere.whoa, sorry for posting that fake letter yesterday. That’s OK — I can take it as well as I can dish it.And to make it up to you, I’ve got two (very real) letters today. My boyfriend and I have been together for going on five months now and things on the whole are going great.

He’s super sweet, thoughtful, kind, and affectionate, genuinely enjoys spending time with me, and even at this early stage he’s hinted to me that he can see this relationship continuing for a while.The problem is we met on an online dating site and he’s still listed as single on there.Not only that, but he still logs in pretty frequently (about two or three times a day).Admittedly, I go on there quite a bit too, but I’ve been listed as “seeing someone” for about a month, so there’s no ambiguity about my only being there for a little “window shopping,” if you will.I know he’s not seeing anyone else — I trust him, and frankly, I don’t see how he would have the time anyway.But I’m just worried that deep down he thinks I’m not enough for him and that he’s hoping to meet someone even better.

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