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] Ohno's father, a high-fashion hair stylist and owner of the salon Yuki's Diffusion, often worked twelve hour shifts, and with no family in the States, often found it hard to balance career and family.Ohno didn't go to the Center, instead ditching the flight and disappearing with a friend for a week while making taunting calls to his father without revealing where he was.

Eventually he made it to Lake Placid, as Ohno's father accompanied his reluctant son to the airport and ensured his departure.Despite conceding, Ohno's commitment to the program was low, until his teammates nicknamed him "Chunky," sparking him to train harder. However, upon returning home to Seattle, he returned to his former ways, and soon found himself overweight and under-trained.In 1997, when Ohno was still only 14 years old, he became the youngest ever U. In the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics, he finished last in the trials., told him to think about speed-skating and what he would do with his life, and left him there for eight days (with sufficient provisions).Angry and confused, Ohno began running until blistered in the pouring rain.It was then that he realized that unless he straightened up, he would end up jail bound (or dead) like his friends. In order for Davis to qualify, he would have to actually "win" the final race.As both Ohno, Smith, and Biondo were also participating, Davis would have to beat the 3 best American skaters at the 1,000m.

Since Ohno had been dominant in the meet to this point, winning every race he entered with ease, a win by Davis seemed to be a long shot.

To complicate the event, if Biondo beat Smith in this race, he would have skated the event individually at the 2002 Winter Olympics.

All three of the competitors were considered major favorites over Davis.

However, the 1,000m race would end with Ohno coming in third, Smith second and Davis at the top of the podium.

In fact, prior to crossing the finish line himself, Ohno started celebrating for Davis and Smith.

Davis's first place finish earned him enough points to move past Tommy O'Hare in the final point standings and to qualify for sixth place.

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