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It is a fairly silly film really, but with the help of Kevin Bacon's 1984-era charm and charisma, the film remains a wildly enjoyable film.Yet somehow, in remaking the film for an audience in 2011, it seems like the filmmakers missed more than a few steps along the way.

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The trailers do a good job of showing off just how great some of the dance moves are from this new cast, but what it does not let on too much is that most of these scenes come when they are replicating scenes from the original film.

I basked in the glory of hearing Kenny Loggins blasting, while watching the various pairs of feet dancing to the beat.

And seeing Willard (Miles Teller) learning how to dance is one of the highlights of the film, much like it is the original film.

A key dance sequence late in the film is also significantly better than I could have ever predicted. The rest of the film that surrounds these scenes is dull and lifeless, moving at a snail's pace and just going through the motions.

"Game of Thrones" star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and creators D. Weiss and David Benioff sat down with "IMDb LIVE After the Emmys" hosts Dave Karger and Jill Kargman to drop details about their epic night. No parent should ever have to know the horror of burying their own child. The film had gone through a number of changes, and had plenty of room to improve on the original.

Watch the video Being a teenager is tough, and no one knows this better than Ren Mc Cormack, a city kid with a strong feeling for music. And yet, five of Bomont's brightest have lost their lives. Sadly, I do not think there was ever any hope for it.

Ren's life changes when he moves to a small town where rock-n-roll and dancing are criminal activities. After a horrific accident takes the lives of five high school seniors, the town of Bomont, Tennessee outlaws a number of activities for the teenage populace including dancing.When Ren falls in love with the reverend's daughter, Ariel Moore, the music pauses and Ren needs to shape up or make dancing a legal activity once again. Enter Ren Mc Cormack (Kenny Wormald), a city kid and distinct outsider to the close knit Bomont townspeople. And one day, they will no longer be in our embrace and in our care. So when the opportunity to get advanced passes to the atrocious looking remake of Footloose came, I pounced on them just out of the sheer will to see what kind of monstrosity Craig Brewer and company came up with. See more » Dancing in Dee's Sheets Written by Dean Pitchford, Bill Wolfer, Ali Dee (as Ali Theodore), Rachel Rickert, Julian Davis (as Julian Michael Davis), and Alana Da Fonseca Performed by Rae featuring Chris Classic (as Classic) and Alana Da Fonseca (as Alana D) Produced by Ali Dee (as Ali "Dee" Theodore) and Jason Gleed See more » I enjoy bad movies, and enjoy bad remakes even more.He is confused by the bans, and after making a few new friends, sets out to get them abolished.While the nostalgia factor may cloud the memories of some people, the original Footloose is really nothing more than a fun diversion packed alongside an absolutely infectious soundtrack that is still great even today.