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Chris Isaak's roadies lambasted the handful of women who worked on the singer's tour, calling one a bitch and a c**t, and hurling shocking homophobic slurs at a male roadie ... Lane Hirsch -- who worked on Chris' tour for 17 years as a lighting designer and technician -- claims in his suit ...he was fired after repeatedly complaining to Isaak and others that the 2 female roadies were treated horribly and he was on the receiving end of crude anti-gay comments.

According to the lawsuit, Isaak -- who is a defendant along with others on his crew -- knew full well what was going on but did nothing.

Hirsch says he was unceremoniously fired without notice.

He's suing for wrongful termination, defamation and discrimination.

After six years of edge-of-the-seat television, multiple awards and a re-definition of the meaning of a talk-show, ABC TV and Zapruder's other films are today announcing that ENOUGH ROPE will not return in 2009.

More Chris Isaak Dr Gary Fulcher Show and Tell: Kendall Verryt More Info For more information about Chris Isaak, visit his official website.

Chris Issak will be back in Australia in November, touring with his band Silvertone, playing the 'Best of Chris Isaak 2006' concerts around Australia.

For tour dates and other information, visit this website. Not only do I have the key, my home town is a small home town, it's kind of like a farm area, so after I'd been in show business a while they went, "Hey, he's on TV, we'll do something for him." So they gave me the key to the city, but they also made a mistake-they made me an honorary sheriff.I've got a Silvertone radio that I had when I was 12 years old that's a stand up, I mean like a big, you know, full size.On the radio you could still see-I was 12, you know-I wrote in, you know, "KJOY", that's the local, like, radio station.Is was, like, you know, I'd turn the knob and my parents would go to bed, at about one o'clock in the morning I'd turn on and they would play Mexican love songs and they'd play old, like, 50s doo wop and stuff like that.Because it was such a small town, you could call in and go, like, "Hi, can you play The Night has a Thousand Eyes? " Then, "Sure," and, like, a minute later it would be on the radio. You know, thank God the one who is, like, 300 pounds and six foot eight is mellow.I got an older brother who sings, my older brother, Nick. One is six foot four, one's six foot eight and about 300 pounds. He can be pretty mellow, although one time-and I'm digressing here now-but one time we went, and my brother was playing this pizza parlour.