Who is dating ray quinn

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Who is dating ray quinn

As Lindsay Dwyer she lived in San Jose, California and graduated from Stanford Law School.

He was murdered, along with 6 other co-workers in an explosion. But her identity was eventually discovered by David Rosen, however he ran her prints himself and handed her over to Olivia before outing her real identity.

Lindsay/Quinn was framed for the murder and before she was turned over to the police, Huck kidnapped her as a favor for Olivia, drugged her and brought her to DC. After spending six months in jail, awaiting trial, she was prosecuted in federal court for the Cytron explosion.

David Rosen prosecuted the case and asked for the death penalty.

When the case looked like it was going to be lost, Olivia contacted Supreme Court Justice Verna Thornton who in turn was able to get the judge to enter a judgment of acquittal for Lindsay before the jury deliberated.

When the team needs to find the Cytron card - yet again - Huck and Quinn wait at Billy Chambers' apartment for him to get home.

Huck was hoping to not have to use violence, but when Billy wouldn't give up the location of the card out comes Huck's trusty torture screwdriver, except this time he couldn't do it.

So Quinn jumps in to help her partner out and tortures Billy for the information. After being distanced from Huck after spying on him at an A. meeting Quinn tries to find her own adventurous avenues to get that adrenaline high she so much longs for.When handling the Josie Marcus case in Montana Quinn buys a gun and mails it to herself at the OPA office, unbeknownst to everyone else.When she began using it at the target range she ran into an old foe, Charlie.He helped her to hit the targets bullseye, thus beginning a romantic connection as well as professional relationship with each other.Quinn thirsty for that bloodlust follows Charlie to one of his latest B-613 assignments, willing to help out she ends up getting setup for murder again.But, to rescue her, Charlie tells her that she now belongs to B-613, "welcome to wonderland." The OPA team is on the hunt for the man Quinn murdered - not knowing she murdered him.