Who is dating the pink power ranger

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Who is dating the pink power ranger

In the film, Kimberly is captured by the Malachians on the island of Muranthias and tied to a wooden slab.

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Miss Johnson appears in this film because she was contracted to appear in two "Power Rangers" movies.Shuki Levy originally wanted Walter Jones to reprise his role as Zack Taylor.Jones declined when he learned he would have to give up his Screen Actor's Guild card to appear in the non-union cast for the movie. John and Amy Jo Johnson were originally considered by producers of the "Power Rangers" show to take over as the Red Turbo Ranger and Pink Turbo Ranger, respectively.Jason David Frank and Catherine Sutherland wanted to leave the show.Both actors declined to return to the show full-time due to the exhausting work hours of the show and wanting to act in other projects.An original script had the Rangers encounter a new ally, Mandika the mermaid.

She was described in the script as a girl with alabaster skin, blue and black hair that trails over her bare chest, a silver tail and she would have spoken with a strange voice.She would have already known Zordon and Alpha 5 and was sent to help them find the Ghost Galleon ship, as well as help out throughout the story.All of the scenes were apparently shot, but cut out of the final film.After Jason helps Kimberly escape the bilge of Divatox's craft, she was supposed to lose consciousness from lack of air and sink into the ocean.After Mandika the mermaid saves Bulk and Skull by giving them a log to use so they can swim to Muranthias, Mandika saves Kimberly from drowning and takes her to shore.The sequence and all footage of Mandika were cut, but the epilogue of remains, when native warriors find an exhausted Kimberly on the beach.