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Max Slade was born into a family of actors on July 4th, 1980.He scored his first acting role at the age of eight, as the child version of Steve Martin's character, Gil Buckman, in director Ron Howard's hit comedy Parenthood (1989).

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He had studied karate since the age of five and this role provided an opportunity for his acting and martial arts talents to come together.

Working on this film was a profoundly inspirational experience for Max; he was particularly struck by Tom Hanks' uncommon level of dedication and focus.

This role was, in many ways, his most challenging, as it required him to deliver an emotionally-charged performance during a fast-paced shooting schedule. He has also found time to focus on music, which he has been passionate about since his child acting days. After more than a decade of discovering new interests, Max has decided the time is right to re-enter the film industry as an adult.

At the age of fifteen, Max decided to take an extended leave-of-absence from the acting business in order to focus on school, going on to earn a B.

Max Elliott Slade is an American former child actor who starred in 3 Ninjas, 3 Ninjas Kick Back, and 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up as the character named Jeffrey Douglas, later nicknamed Colt by his grandfather Mori Tanaka.

He was the middle child of the Douglas family in the movies.

He was featured as Jay Lovell in Apollo 13, young Mark Goddard in The Sweeper, and young Gil Buckman in Parenthood.Demian appeared in Back To The Beach starring Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello in 1987.Max attended Pasadena High School, where he co-founded a rock and roll club called Three Broken Chords and The Lying Truth.Slade earned a brown belt in Gosoku-ryu karate at age 11.Slade began his acting career in 1989 playing Young Gil Buckman in Parenthood.In 1990, he played Kevin Buckman in twelve episodes of Parenthood.

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