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As his latest off-the-wall series — set on the side of a volcano — airs, he and his collaborator Dolly Wells talk to Stephen Armstrong about mainstream comedy’s lack of imagination Stepping into Noel Fielding’s North London lair is like passing through the back of the wardrobe into 1960s Narnia, where Aslan is Andy Warhol.

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Fielding, 41, stands at the far side of the room, staring intently at white cards stuck on the wall bearing hastily scrawled phrases such as ‘Jelly Fox’.

His peroxide-blond hair has half an inch of black roots and he wears a scruffy T-shirt and tight hipster trousers. Sorry about the music — it’s about to make our heads explode.’.

The whole scene is such a mid-Noughties idea of London cool that I fall into an intimidated silence and watch for a minute or two, until Fielding turns to me with a wide grin and, in cheery Cockney tones, says: ‘All right! But it’s a brand of offbeat wackiness that has been bubbling through the roots of our national comedy family tree as far back as the Pythons, the Goons, even Tristram Shandy. At Bill Bailey’s request, he first stood in as a team captain in 2009 and achieved a record for the highest team score ever on the show.

He’s since done a further four series and will return in the next, on BBC Two in the autumn.

Likely though it is to cause her father Sir Bob more sleepless nights, Pixie Geldof seems to be on her way to becoming just as troublesome as her older sister Peaches.

Just days after the 16-year-old was pictured looking the worse for wear after a night out with Rod Stewart's daughter Kimberley and other girlfriends, it now turns out she is seeing a man more than twice her age.

The pretty GCSE student was spotted at a private party at the Proud Gallery in Camden, North London, on Thursday night, canoodling with bad boy Mighty Boosh comedian Noel Fielding, 33. The news, which is likely to irritate her incredibly protective father, comes just weeks after Pixie insisted she had no plans to follow her sister's hedonistic lifestyle and wanted to focus on her studies instead.

My night owl reports: "Pixie was knocking back pints like a pro and boasting about her drunken antics the night before."She was desperate for Noel to turn up and, when he finally did, she couldn't take her eyes off him."He has a bit of a reputation but that's all part of the appeal. They were cuddled up in a corner kissing for most of the night."Scroll down for more...

Friends say Pixie has been obsessed with Fielding, who is a close friend of controversial TV presenter Russell Brand, for weeks."She first started talking to him after they met at a party at Maddox nightclub in London last week following Noel and Russell's gig for the Teenage Cancer Trust at the Royal Albert Hall," says a source.

"Since then she has been completely infatuated."The news is also likely to come as a shock for Peaches, who claimed she was dating Fielding a year ago - which itself surprised Noel, who was in a long-term relationship with comedienne Dee Plume.

A friend of the Geldofs said: "This will really worry Bob.

From The Mighty Boosh to Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Noel Fielding’s inimitable brand of bizarre humour has won him cult-hero status over the past 15 years.

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