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DRAVEN: HOSTILE ARSENAL`Crusade GUARDIANS Pierce The Veins Fenris Mastermind Vengeance LEGION ELITE Imperial SUPERIOR Descendants REVENGE All Stars CONQUEROR CONQUEST Renegades Celestial Beings Enrage ... The distribution of the 8 races match up pretty well.[go] Ashraf Ahmed : real-world context can be inserted into a virtual world, effectively turning the virtual world into a forum for real-world contexts. [go] Roflmaodoodoodadoodoo: I didn't get it from the generator, but I saw it in Arathi Basin and thought it was the best ... With the distribution of the 9 classes, Priests and Warriors seem to be off a little. Female players are significantly older (M = 32.5, SD = 10.0) than male players (M = 28.0, SD = 8.4).

This kind of comparison with perfect comprehensive data has been mostly impossible with my past data sets, so I'm glad that this comparison can be made to anchor the other articles in this issue of the Daedalus Project. While demonstrating consistency between the two sets of data doesn't mean that there is no sampling bias with the survey data, it does make it more plausible that the survey data is representative of a large percentage of Wo W players. [go] Apart from presenting the basic demographics from both RL (age, gender) and in-game (class, race), the goal of this short article is also to anchor the survey data with comprehensive Wo W census data (from Warcraft terms of Alliance / Horde ratio, the numbers match up pretty well. The survey data has a ratio of 1.7:1 (646 Alliance vs. From the survey data, the average age of the Wo W player is 28.3 (SD = 8.4). On average, they spend 22.7 (SD = 14.1) hours per week playing Wo W.There are no gender differences in hours played per week.I just finished up a statistics course in college (not that it qualifites me to answer) but if you are using a normal distribution (aka bell curve), then M would actually be both mean and median.

According to what I learned this term, and based on the assumption this data is normally distributed, if you'd like to calculate your percentile (how many people are at or below your age or hours/week) then you subtract your value(age or hours played/week) from the mean, then divide this by the standard deviation (SD).This will give you a Z value which can be looked up on the internet or in any standard statistics book. ~Eric Betts [email protected] I would find it most interesting to see a break down by age and maybe by character type too.Yes, I read the blurb about the "grandmother who plays but,how old "is" she ...40's, 50's, 60's...?I'm almost 56 y/o and self employed and play everyday at lunch or any other down time in the office. My son (27 y/o) and I group and have a ball together and I learn a lot from him, an ex-Evercrack player. That's good to hear, it's great for us "old-school" gamers to see family groups and so forth, our childhood dreams coming true :) The problem with analysing data like this is that it only comes from a biased sample i.e., the people willing to download a census/logging client.In other words, you're talking about people who are move "into" the game than perhaps your average player might be.Remember that Wo W's strength as an MMORPG has always been it's market penetration, thanks to the massive publicity simply having the word "Warcraft" in the title gives it. I have a membership with Wo W and I am a 26 yr old female.