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They shot in Big Bear, at a Camp in Malibu and on stage at Universal Studios.Incredibly fun to make, this film enabled Mark and Lorena to work with long-time collaborator and amazing stunt coordinator Spiro Razatos.

Middleton had just cast “Bring it On” and “Legally Blonde”.Roberts wanted him to cast Extreme Dating so he picked up the phone and cold called one of the biggest and most talented Casting directors in Hollywood.Joseph himself answered the phone and agreed to meet and the rest is history. Roberts/David worked with Joseph on two more films. Forget about going out for a fancy dinner or taking a trip to the cinema – this couple’s idea of the perfect date is a step above the rest.Simon Trnka and his girlfriend Mishel keep their relationship alive by spending almost every winter weekend in the Slovakian mountains together.

Simon, who is an amateur photographer, has been capturing their breathtaking getaways and his pictures are out of this world.The pair of adventurers tend to ditch the tent and opt for a simple sleeping bag so they can fall asleep watching the stars – how romantic!Take a look at their jaw-dropping dates in the gallery below. When Lindsay, Daniel and Troy see their best friend Parker fall in love in a ski accident, they decide that the path to true love should be really, really dangerous.Back at work, they start to set each other up on extreme dates.One locked cupboard and a stuck elevator later and things are looking tame – until Daniel plans an elaborate kidnapping scheme, which quickly escalates out of control Production: Mark produced this film with Lorena directing.