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Physical: Tangible environment in which communications occurs2.Cultural: Rules, roles, norms and patterns of communication that are unique to particular cultures3. Truth-telling is more important than the short-term consequences of telling the truth 5.

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Historical: messages are understood in relationship to previously sent messages Communication that exists on a continuum from impersonal communication to interpersonal communication1. IPC includes both verbal and non-verbal messages (symbols)5. You can be misguided, misinformed, and manipulated Fostering of hate – hate speech – can be defined as extremely offensive language against a particular group of people, internet has fueled intolerance and hatred Flaming – exchanging malicious hostile or insulting comments over the internet Sacrifice of privacies – nothings private over the internettheory proposing that people have qualities that they wish to present to others.Relational History (Impersonal- limited; interpersonal- expansive)2. Relational Rules (Impersonal- established by society; interpersonal- established by relational partners)3. IPC messages have both content and relational meaning (denotative and connotative)6. Identity management theory explains manner in which we handle ourselves and the very situations in which we find ourselves.Relational Uniqueness (Impersonal- info is sociological [governed by a group]; interpersonal- info is psychological [governed by individuals])1. The meaning of IPC messages depends on punctuation7. We hope that other people accept our qualities that we are wishing to present- be succinct when necessary = abbreviating your thoughts, stay on point, don’t babble aimlessly- Write literally = be precise- Stay polite- Take a deep breath = think about what you write before you actually write it, reflect on your message- Check in with the sender = electronic trial balloon (online overture that briefly responds to a senders message in order to clarify the senders intended message), asking sender to clarify to avoid confusion- Show empathy when possible = put yourself In another’s position- Listen beyond the words = reading between the lines to figure out what intention, emotion and intuition.You may come to an inaccurate conclusion which goes back to first one.Best Reggae GRAMMY winners Morgan Heritage are hitting the road on their “So Amazing Tour” which will see the sibling act performing across several continents.The Royal Family of Reggae comprises of Peetah (vocals), Una (keyboard/vocals), Gramps (keyboard/vocals), Lukes (rhythm guitar) and Mr.

Mojo Morgan (percussion/vocals) all offsprings of Reggae stalwart Dennroy Morgan.

They will be also be joined by brother Laza and Jemer (Gramp’s son), and on selected dates British band “The Skints” and California’s Beach Rock Reggae group “Wheeland Brothers” will also join the group.“After our stadium tour in Africa in the Spring, this Summer we embark on a tour of festivals and clubs across Europe and North America.

For us touring is 2nd nature but touring behind the level of success has attained, is a first for us.

Needless to say, we’re enjoying the journey and grateful for the continued love and support of our fans around the world.” stated Mojo.

On this tour the band will showcase the musical melting pot of genres that have influenced them including rock, soul, pop and afrobeat.

They will also highlight the global reach of reggae through the supporting acts the Skints and the Wheeland Brothers.

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