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Mambas are fast-moving venomous snakes of the genus Dendroaspis (which literally means "tree asp") in the family Elapidae.Four extant species are recognised currently; three of those four species are essentially arboreal and green in colour, whereas the so-called black mamba, Dendroaspis polylepis, is largely terrestrial and generally brown or grey in colour.

In Africa there are many legends and stories about mambas.The three species of green mambas are arboreal, whereas the black mamba is largely terrestrial.All four species are active daytime hunters, preying on birds, lizards, and small mammals.At nightfall some species, especially the terrestrial black mamba, shelter in a lair. Mambas and cobras are in the same family: the Elapidae.Like cobras, a mamba may rear and form a hood as part of its threat display, but the mamba's hood is narrower and is longer than the broader hood of some species of cobra, such as say, the spectacled cobras of parts of Asia.In their threat display mambas commonly gape; the black mamba's mouth is black within, which renders the threat more conspicuous.

Typically also, a rearing mamba tends to lean well forward, instead of standing erect as a cobra does.

Stories of black mambas that chase and attack humans are common, but in fact the snakes generally avoid contact with humans.

Other components may include calcicludine, which is a known component of the eastern green mamba's venom and calciseptine, which is a component of black mamba venom. jamesoni) possess venom similar in composition and effects to that of the black mamba's (D. However, as their venoms are less toxic (based upon LD studies), and their temperaments generally not as aggressive or as explosive when provoked, and as none of the three injects as much venom as the black mamba, their bites are materially less dangerous.

Toxicity of individual specimens within the same species and subspecies can vary greatly based on several factors, including geographical region.

Even the weather and altitude can influence toxicity (Ernst and Zug et al. A bite can be fatal to humans without access to proper first aid and subsequent antivenom treatment, as it shuts down the lungs and heart.

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