Xmlvalidatingreader impl

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Xmlvalidatingreader impl

Load(uri) ********** Via XDocument, then XMLDocument ********** Via Xml Document. To enable DTD proce ssing set the Prohibit Dtd property on Xml Reader Settings to false and pass the se ttings into Xml Reader. To enable DTD proce ssing set the Prohibit Dtd property on Xml Reader Settings to false and pass the se ttings into Xml Reader.

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The XML format that I'm parsing and validating isn't the savvyest of formats as it was created years ago before the XML Schema specification was complete. When the document is loaded directly from a test file it works fine.While it has a namespace and it's an official specification, the instance documents don't have a namespace. When I run it directly through one of the extended "fake-out" Xml Text Readers, it doesn't work.They are entirely "unqualified." So, basically I'm trying to validate XML documents with a namespace against a schema that expects namespaces. It's as if my readers don't exist at all, even though their code does indeed execute. While its constructor takes the abstract class Xml Reader, internally it insists on an Xml Text Reader. Reflector shows us: When a class takes an abstract base class - the one it "should" - but really requires a specific derivation/implementation internally, it's a good hint that the OO hierarchy wasn't completely thought out and/or a refactoring that was going to happen in a future version never happened.Additionally, the element Form Default is set to "unqualified." There's a great explanation of what element Form Default means here. To be clear: Why don't the "fake-out" Xml Text Readers work when chained together and feeding the Xml Validating Reader directly, but they do work when there's an intermediate format? I take this little design snafu as a strong hint that the Xml Validating Reader in .The documents come in like this: Before I'd look hard at the schema I had assumed that I could load them with an Xml Namespace Upgrade Reader. NET 1.1 has carnal knowledge of Xml Text Reader and is probably making some assumptions about the underlying stream and doing some caching rather than taking my fake-out Xml Reader's word for it.This is a derivation of Xml Text Reader that does nothing but lie about the Namespace of every element. I know that the Xml Root Namespace Upgrading Reader works because the XML is correct when it's written out to an intermediate.

However, the Info Set that the Xml Validating Reader acts on is somehow now the same. Since Xml Validating Reader needs an Xml Text Reader that is more "legit," we'll give it one This is cheesy, but if a better way is found at least it's compartmentalized and I can fix it in one place.We quickly run through the input Xml Text Reader, write the Infoset out to a Memory Stream and return a "fresh" Xml Text Reader and darn it if it doesn't work just fine.Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee.He is a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author.The Validation Event Handler event is used to set an event handler for receiving information about document type definition (DTD), XML-Data Reduced (XDR), and XML Schema definition language (XSD) schema validation errors.Validation errors and warnings are reported through the Validation Event Handler callback.

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