Yakuza 2 dating

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Yakuza 2 dating

In Yakuza, she appears as a character involved in Chapter 6 where she is brought in by a sleazy Host, named Shota, to pay off his debts to a loan shark company by being used as an actress for adult videos. In Yakuza 4 she is shown to have become successful, and wants her father to meet her new boyfriend.

Based on the blockbuster game that has evolved to bring realism to the audience and a touch of modern Japanese human drama, the title was released on December 7, 2006, for the Play Station 2 video game console in Japan and in September 2008 in North America and Europe.The intro of the game starts in the early 1980s, a detective is chasing after somebody and witnesses a murder of a Korean mob boss who says in Korean "Even if you kill me, our organization will live on".And the murderer happens to be Kazuma Kiryu's foster father, Shintaro Kazama(Fuma).After Shintaro Kazama runs off, the mysterious detective checks on the man who tells him in Japanese that his child is in danger just ahead before he dies.The detective heads in that direction and notices a fire and finds the room where a Korean woman is alone with a baby.The woman is contemplating suicide (in Korean) and taking the child with her.

However, the detective successfully convinces the woman not to kill herself and the baby.

Then the game comes back to the present and the detective is still in awe at what happened.

The sequel takes place one year after the events of the first game.

Since then, the Tojo Clan(tojo kai) has been falling apart and they are on the brink of war against the Osaka based gang, the Omi Family (Omi Rengo), the gang backing Akira Nishikiyama (Nishiki) in the first game.

As a last resort, the Tojo Clan requests their former leader, Kazuma Kiryū (4th Chairman) for their help.

Kazuma Kiryū and Haruka Sawamura are living a peaceful life and they visit the graves of Yumi Sawamura, Akira Nishikiyama, and Shintaro Kazama.

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