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I've written so much about Canon EOS versus Nikon AF that sometimes it is possible to lose sight of the fact that many folks have perfectly functioning systems from the 1970s. For my evaluation, I borrowed a Nikon F2A from Jon Robichaud.

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The F2A has a lot of useful features that most modern cameras do not have.There are some who think it is the best camera that Nikon ever made.The first thing you notice is that the F2A holds your film like a vault.Nobody ever opened up the back of one of these guys by mistake.You turn a beautifully machined flip-out key on the bottom to flip the back open.You pull the leader out and slip it into a take-up spool which has a small grabber for the frame notches.

It is the most positive film loading system that I've used on a 35mm camera, not counting modern autoloading systems.If you're completely inexperienced with the camera, this could take you an extra 30 seconds over loading a modern AF SLR.Old cameras don't have "little windows" in the back so that you can see what kind of film is in there; the F2A has a metal holder for the cardboard edge of a 35mm film box.So if you want to be reminded that you've got Tri-X in there, you just insert the Kodak box top.With any 35mm camera, there are only three settings that affect the picture you get on film: shutter speed, lens aperture, and focus.The F2A has three easy-to-find wheels to control these settings.

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