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Yong hwa dating - Random chat sexy guys

On the most recent episode of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay,” the Burning, Lovely, Untouchable, and Emotional members of CN Blue were interviewed on “Guerilla Date.” During the interview, Jung Yong Hwa was chosen by the members for having the best body amongst them.To this answer, the reporter jokingly said, “Your girlfriend must really like it.” Jung Yong Hwa, then, seemed to have been caught off guard and panicked a bit.

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His voice is really nice to hear and his band' songs and musics are so good. hope you grow well in whatever your future undertakings... plz- park shin hye and jung joung hwa work together in dramas! but I desperately wants to see u performing live over my country, in Russia. it's your talents talents shine u brighter 2 the brightest.

I used to love soft pop korean songs and did't like rock songs, but because of him I love rock songs, of course especially CNBLUE's songs. please take care and I will wait for your Drama or movie.. you r sooooo.......talented yong hwa(god-gifted) .. I have watched so many mv's of u and CNBLUE, In each every song u perform sooooo well.... even though i'm a guy just like u , I really, really like u!!

I wish i could see you face to face,,#Daydreaming,hahhaha Hope you will continue to act in many dramas, so that i can see a talented person and a handsome face on you, Yong Hwa.. :) has been liked you ever since you appeared in the earlier episodes of Running Man ... your acting has gotten much better now compared to when you started out ... I firstly watched heartstrings and then I watched all of ur dramas ! please try 2 conduct a world tour again and include Russia ..[I hope u would see this] saranghe p.s. But in the drama He's beautiful I was so sad that u were not the main role .

I like your singing action in heartstrings and I like your personality very much ur so handsome good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you really know how to express your actions and you look like you are about to cry everytime or you look high pike you are on drugs try usng makeup to cover up your eyebags if you can relax with cucumbers on them so yea you are a fantasy in most teens lives be a good influence and lead the path right Hey i am from India...i came to know about u when i was watching korean historical drama" jewel in the palace"....i was searching for some love story based drama then i saw that heartstrings was on top position...ur heartstrings series n became ur fan..then i have started watching ur albums...u rock:-)..acting also superb.music composition also awesome..though i dont know ur language....songs composed by u rocks.......music direction also...awesome:-Dall the best for ur future :-)u rock:-) i really love you when you first act in he's beautiful...i don't know...i just like you...you gonna act again...i felt very excited.. it should rightfully belong to u not that bastard jang geun suk. you have the brightest charisma , I've seen in a guy...

korean drama had been my favorite movie and after i watched heartstring i fell in luv wid ur strings i got inspired nd wrote some songs id luv it if i see you perform live in nigeria..u all dbest...fighting! Hope u r humble and quiet as u were in heartstrings. btw...are you gonna continue to act in the three musketeers......... :) I downloaded all of your songs (CNBlue group and solo) and listened to it. : D While listening to your music, I was inspired to write a song again. so please be like that 4 a long time.....forever......

U r beautiful as u r now so please don't get involved in plastic surgery as others and grow old gracefully. I so much love you after I watched heartstings I became addicted to your songs you are good and I will continue to be your number one star Don't be afraid to face anything You've got it in you and you will be great Saranhgae oppa A Message To You I wasn't a kpop lover to be honest, but when I got influenced by my friend to watch the Heartstrings drama, I became curious when I first saw you there.. I was writting songs before during my highschool days. So even you don't have any idea how you helped me get into composing again, I just wanna let you know I am so grateful for you. ^^ Be strong in facing all challenges That will mold you to be a better person every single day of your life...

The way you played the guitar.the way you conveyed your message through your songs. Please continue inspiring others with your music as what you did to me, You just don't know the impact of it.

keep it up and please come with a concert to Pakistan.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyy gooooooooooooooooooooooood .............

I fall head over heels for them and omg I'm dying Lee Pil Mo and Jeong Yong Hwa are my baes I love them so much. i hope you continue your great job and always be humble.

Like, the ones that remain collected and mysterious and don't smile often. Heartstring is the movie i never get tired of watching . I also wish you both get married , as you look so cute together. i keep on watching it and i really like you singing.. you are very handsome, of course, you knew that already, but your eyes are very kind, and genuine! I really liked the song but was very upset that the MV was so negative! Please, Please, Please do your best to be a positive role model for the next generation, you are in an amazing position..can either help or hinder. I really do enjoy your music and dramas, I look forward to seeing them all! Abigail I love that you guys going to Mexico I'm Mexican , American but I'm weird about you guy it's really dangerous it's been almost 10 years that we my family and I don't visit Mexico because all the crime in Mexico we use to go every Sumer it was awesome but now we are afraid to go well jest letting you guys know I'm weird about you guys if it was me I would not go but if you guys still going all prey for you and god bless my two daughter s are really big fans and that way I love your music your songs are awesome I think your really nice kids I love him...thank god he didn't take the role in the heirs it doesn't suits him...is more a role in a boy next door type of drama....i hope he will be pair up again to park shin hye....

simply dhebakkkkk................................... Jung hwa,i came to know about you aftr wtchn hrtstrings.(my favourite drama).i like your voice is you are so talented.i am a these days korean tv series are very famous over here.i really love acting and plz carry on it.i wish u good luck:) hi! You're so cool, great actor and also a great singer... *throwhearts* your performance and acting is awesome ,(superb attitude) i really loved Korean drama first time after watching Heartstrings am became you fan, even i was not understanding korean language bcoz of you expressions only i understand I don't know why, but for every single K-Drama, although he is the main protagonist, I always fall in love with the cool, chill and emo looking guys. I hope you'll couple with Park Shin Hye and get married. I hope I can met with u, then I can give u a birthday cake and say "Happy Birthday" to you, and I give a gift for you:) Oppa i love your personality ,your talent in music & your acting . I hope we get to watch more movies of both of you together. ..i first saw you on heartstrings and i came to like you a lot..^_^ i hope you read this. I watched one of your music videos and was disappointed in the destruction and violence you portrayed with your band members. I feel like you could be an amazing role model for young men.

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