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Schutz says the woman's male friend attempted to break up the scuffle and afterwards, she and Diamond left the scene.

The woman's male friend approached Diamond to confront him about denying the woman a handshake.Diamond said he went to close his bar tab to avoid trouble when he saw Schutz bleeding and being held by the hair by two men.Diamond referred to the switchblade as the pen he used to sign his credit card receipt when talking to investigators about the incident, but slipped up several times during the conversation and referred to the weapon as a knife.He said the stabbing was not intentional and he pulled out the knife as a threat to get the men to let Schutz go.Dustin Diarmond, who played Screech on the old sitcom "Saved By The Bell," now lives in Wisconsin and has had a slew of troubles ever since.While those troubles had involved money, he is now in more serious trouble and is sitting in the Ozaukee County (just north of Milwaukee) jail after stabbing a man in a bar brawl.

From WDJT-TV: Port Washington police were called to the Grand Avenue Saloon for reports of a stabbing.Investigators say Diamond, who lives in Port Washington, was involved in an altercation and stabbed another man and left the scene with his girlfriend, 27-year-old Amanda Schutz.Police caught up to the duo and both were taken into custody.The alleged weapon, moist with blood, was also found in the SUV. Witnesses told police that they saw Diamond with a knife and it appeared the couple was becoming annoyed with patrons constantly asking for pictures before the scuffle.According to a criminal complaint, Diamond and Schutz were at the Grand Avenue Saloon when another woman began antagonizing them, making rude remarks and playing games with them.Schutz admitted to pushing the woman and the woman punched Schutz in return.

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